Etherwave replacement cap For C1

Posted: 7/17/2016 4:35:40 PM

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I just broke capacitor C1 on my etherwave board. I now want to purchase a new one. Wat kind of capacitor should I buy. Just anny 3.3nF type? what voltage rating dous it need? The part I broke only has '332G' marked on it.


Posted: 7/17/2016 6:01:51 PM

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If there was one most critical part in an EWS you found it. The part is cheap but they get you with handling. This Mouser Page is a good place to start but an engineer needs to chime in. They have no minimum purchase but charge $7 for the service.

My first choice, 1% tolerance, COG, 3300pf , the mouser image is incorrect. Maybe change C1& C5 so they match in characteristics.  Also avoid heating up the pads so they do not lift, place the iron on the lead only. Cut the part apart so you have access to heating the lead.


Edit: I have the EWS PCB on my bench, C5 is in a difficult location so leave it alone and you will do fine.

Posted: 7/17/2016 6:46:26 PM

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Thank you for the information. What dous COG stand for?

Posted: 7/17/2016 7:45:03 PM

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It's actually C0G (a zero rather than capital 'o') and refers to the formulation of the dielectric.  It also means the capacitance value should experience minimal change with temperature.

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