Signed Moog 91A Theremin For Sale

Posted: 9/14/2017 10:52:52 AM

From: Canada

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Here’s a chance to own a bit of theremin history. I have too many theremins and have decided to sell my Big Briar 91A. It is in mint condition, it has the Clara Rockmore modification, and it is the only 91A I know of that is signed (on the inside of the cabinet) by Bob Moog himself.

When the series 91 theremins were first introduced, the model 91A in walnut was listed at $2500.00 USD. It was originally provided with four different timbre settings, but at the urging of thereminist Dennis James (who was a one time student of the late Clara Rockmore) Bob Moog subsequently came up with a modification to the design to include a custom “Clara Rockmore” setting, that was an emulation of the timbre of the instrument Leon Theremin built for Clara in the 1930’s. My 91A, which I purchased from Levnet founder Dave Ball in 2005, is one of the rare instruments that has that modification.

One of the advantages of the series 91 theremins, is that they are provided with a built-in amplifier and speaker, so all you have to do is plug in and PLAY!

I thought I would offer this unique instrument here on the Levnet before putting it onto ebay. These days, when I play the theremin, I usually play one of my RCA’s, the Moog Ethervox, or occasionally the E’Pro. The 91A, I am sorry to say, has sat silently in a corner of my studio for a number of years. I am asking $3500.00 which is, I believe, a very reasonable price for this unique instrument.


Posted: 9/16/2017 2:05:49 AM

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I sure wish I had that kind of money to spend.  If you could only figure out a way to package some of your talent along with the instrument then I'm sure you'd have a lot of interest!

Posted: 9/27/2017 5:02:10 PM

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Hi! Has this instrument been sold yet? 

Posted: 9/28/2017 11:55:35 AM

From: Canada

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Yes, the SERIES 91A was sold within 24 hours of the original announcement.

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