Playing the theremin with headphones, a few questions

Posted: 5/23/2019 6:20:21 PM

From: Copenhagen

Joined: 12/29/2018

I’m quite happy about it. I’ll try properly this week-end, see if the sound quality is all right etc. Next step is making a nice support to clip it to the mic stand (in the picture it is just taped).

So just a little follow-up after using it for a while.

I’m very happy about it, it’s so compact and works well. Being able to mix the sound of the theremin with another source is so great, especially since they both have their own volume knob. So it is definitely a product I would advise to play with headphones. Sometimes though it seems to pick-up some ghost noises, but it’s very occasional and I can’t really figure out the reason.

Here is how I mounted it on the mic theremin stand:

Here I use a Sansa Clip+ to play music tracks at the same time. Closer view:

I put some Sugru (great mouldable adhesive material) on each side of the amp to be able to clip it with mic stand clips:

So I guess this is the end of this topic, until I try to make some internal amp at least!

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