C4 Synth pedal

Posted: 7/18/2019 3:30:03 PM

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Sad news for those of you CVing your theremin to modulars.

4 programable synths driven by whatever is put into the pedal. Sure, you need software to program it, but you even get sequencing.

Only for heretics, the highly motivated and those with unwelcome initiative.

Downside is that you can only have six presets available at a time, upside you can download 1331 presets - how much time do you have to explore and listen?


Best thing for theremins since the Mel9.

Posted: 7/19/2019 8:36:26 PM

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TW needs some activity

The C4 Synth is not my cup of tea as I want to bring people back to the Classic Theremin experience. That being said it is a really nice device and it just might help theremin’s that want to trade in a whistle for funny sounds like R2D2 and C3P0 dueling. Then again it may help digital theremin’s that have no voice above 500 Hz. Why reinvent the wheel?

A guitar sound is a beautiful but complex wave shape, what does a simple theremin sound like through this device, 

Rupert can you play us a recognizable tune to demonstrate this product?



Posted: 7/22/2019 1:37:35 AM

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BOSS is also coming out with a somewhat similar 'synthesizer pedal', the SY-1:

Posted: 7/22/2019 5:35:06 PM

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The product is not yet available.

I play the theremin with the Mel9 on youtube with the National Electrophonic moniker.

I do originals mostly and on occasion quite from something you may recognize, you just will not have the patience to wait for it.

Currently I have a crippled right wrist, courtesy Kaiser Permanente's practice of putting a cast on a broken arm without it being set properly, and since Kaiser Permanete doesn't want to fix it I doubt very much that I shall feel like playing until I can obtain some medical treatment which was available in the last century but apparently has now been replaced by Gaba Pentin which is cheaper than surgery.

Now with a cripple right wrist that gives me constant pain do you think I really want to buy another pedal?

Nope, I was thinking of everyone else.

Not to offend.

These pedals are a lot easier than using analog synths.

Posted: 7/22/2019 5:41:46 PM

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"A guitar sound is a beautiful but complex wave shape, what does a simple theremin sound like through this device,"

Nope, a pure tone that is processed and distorted to make it nicer.  A theremin run through a guitar pedal acts just like you should want it to act, JUST LIKE A GUITAR.

I use the Zoom R16 distortion models on the Model 302 theremin - the theremin produces a pure sine tone and then you mess it up real nice.

No guarantee that it will be on all of these, but generally yes:


Really , get a guitar distortion pedal - those RCAs had distortion as well, tubes, paper speakers, and that baffle. 

Posted: 9/7/2019 12:13:00 PM

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I looked at some demo video's of the Source Audio C4 pedal . You can create beautiful (and awfull) sounds with it. I am curious how this pedal will work the theremin.
If I understand it well the C4 pedal is a synthesizer so it creates complete new sounds based on the input in stead of changing the sound. The input triggers the synthesizer.

But how will this pedal respond to the sound of the theremin. Will the pedal be capable of following the hand movements of the theremin player????

Posted: 9/9/2019 4:21:43 PM

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v7peer: Guitar players are way faster than theremin players. I use the EHX pedals MEL9, C9 and B9 and they respond perfectly - didn't try 16th note runs though. When and if Kaiser Permanente fixes my pitch arm I will try the C4 with the theremin. Now those "awful" sounds - mix them in low and they just may add some character and bite - like the WMD geiger counter.

Posted: 9/26/2019 3:50:07 PM

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Tried it out using two of the presets - amazing. Suppose I will have to get the app to program the thing. Fattest and wettest bass that rivals a whale fart. My colleague thought the speakers were blown. Nope, it just sounds that way. That alone is worth the price.

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