Katica Illényi – Music for Millions

Posted: 7/27/2020 10:44:46 PM
Peter Theremin

From: Russia ( Moscow and St.Petersburg)

Joined: 11/8/2010


"I will never forget that first night when I saw Clara Rockmore playing The Swan on the theremin on YOUTUBE. At first, I didn’t notice that she was playing a musical instrument. I just wondered, “How can it be possible for somebody to sing in such a high pitch?" But then, I saw that she was moving her hands, and under the video, there was written a word, “Theremin." I googled it immediately. “What does the word theremin mean?" It turned out that it was a musical instrument. I got so excited that I couldn‘t sleep for the whole night. I read everything that I found on the internet, and the very next day I went to buy a theremin because I was 100 % sure that I would be able to learn this musical instrument."


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