Posted: 8/23/2021 10:10:09 PM

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Hello Thierry!I am a new theremin player as of this year. I picked up a second-hand Etherwave Standard, and have been enjoying it tremendously. I had hoped to extend the range with the ESPE01 module so that I could play more songs. However, when I installed the ESPE01 successfully (I think) it has not added any additional bass to the range of my theremin - and rather than evening out the distance between notes, it instead seems to have compressed the octave closer to the antennae. Have I made a mistake during installation process, or is there something else I missed that needs addressing?The video provided by Ethermagic mentioned a tuning tool provided by Moog, but I do not have this tool as I purchased my Etherwave second hand. Would this adjustment they mention be all that I need to get my theremin working properly?Insights and expertise greatly appreciated!!

I can tell you that

1) Yes, you will need to retune the L11/L6 coils after installing the ESPE01

2) You will need the right plastic tuning tool to do this (please do NOT attempt with a metal tool). Moog sent me one for free just for the asking

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Thank you Bendra - really appreciate the prompt reply!
I will reach out to Moog and I hope they will be able to send me the proper tuning tool.

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Hello, where is it possible to purchase the ESPE01 module?

Posted: 3/23/2023 3:57:27 PM
Yngvox Moogsteen

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The Ethermagic site is down temporarily.  Should be up soon.  They are the source, directly from maker.  They install also. 

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It now says: moved to a new server.

The new website isn't ready yet.

Contact me via email if you wish to order a ESPE01 module for your Etherwave Standard or Etherwave PLUS theremin, or an EPVM1345 module for your Etherwave PRO.


Posted: 3/24/2023 6:46:22 AM

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While Wilco is redoing the internet shop, we are actually putting everything on the rails for another production batch of 200 ESPE01 modules. No classic Etherwave or Etherwave Plus owner will be left behind.

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Okay, thanks for the reply. I also emailed a few days ago, but still haven't had a response.
Can you tell me how much the module costs?
Thank you

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