I'm looking for a good Theremin project

Posted: 3/16/2024 2:56:01 PM

From: 60 Miles North of San Diego, CA

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Hello Nicola,

Father Time is taking his toll so won’t be much help with the understanding of my webpages. But not all is lost as "The Great One" sent me a student to follow up on my theremin journey. His name is Tanner Packham who will finish his now 4th year at MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His Tanner Tech YouTube channels



He lives 20 minutes from me, I gave him all my equipment, parts and circuit boards.

Hopefully to answer your question . . . The EWS is a solid build but lacks the voice. To capture my sound and build more easily I bypassed the EtherWave Standard pitch side completely with my Phoenix pitch board, the flip of a switch, the box is sitting on top. Something unique about my analog theremin design is the (Electrodeum) Pitch Antenna which is helix in design for ideal Pitch Field Linearity. Somehow it also enhances Natures true heterodyne sound?


In this video that is Peter Theremin & Valery Shamarin performing. I sent my Phoenix design to St Petersburg, Russia for the 100 year Anniversary of the Theremin in 2020.

Christopher S Becker

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