Roll Call! - 2008 - Part 2

Posted: 12/27/2008 10:14:00 AM

From: Kingston, NY

Joined: 2/13/2005

Welcome to ThereminWorld Akareyon!
That's a great story of induction by aether suction into the realm of the Theremin.

Sounds like you found a very fun an portable instrument, and like happened to lots of us, fell in love with this crazy thing and can't stop playing.

Does Golem Instruments have a web site for their Jupiter Theremin? It would be nice to know more about them, feel welcome to start a thread for the rest of us in the General or Buy/Sell/Trade forums if there is on line info.
It's so good to hear our forums and posts here have helped you bit, World Thereminization is our goal!

Please, Let us know how things progress with your "Metallica Theremin Kittens".
Keep On Playing!
Posted: 12/28/2008 10:01:31 PM

From: Germany

Joined: 12/26/2008

Thanks for the welcome!

I'd love to start a thread on Golem Instruments' Jupiter 3, but the website was hard to find in the first place and looked like it was "under construction" since the dark ages of the internet. I offered them I'd look after things, instead, they obviously cracked some whip and rushed this homepage, just so you know what my instrument looks like:

Along with the theremin came a very good 8-page manual and a phone number for any questions, though. So I think they'll try and be doing some serious business soon.

If I get things correctly, they've tried to implement a few improvements to other theremins regarding "playability", but I can make no judgment since this is the first one ever I've (not) laid my hands on. From what I've seen on some YouTube clips, I suspect that the Jupiter 3 has some strange behaviour at times...

What still puzzles me, for example, is that it has a "Sensitivity" and a "Pitch" knob for the pitch rod, I saw that nowhere mentioned on theremin world and the other sites I've been digging while I was waiting for Mr. Postman, and the volume loop seems to be calibrated in a way that I can't perform anything like a "walking bass" without thrusting my whole arm up and down which firstly is really annoying and secondly doesn't look cool at all.

Other than that, which scares me a bit too, is that by now, I find the theremin quite intuitive to play when following easy melodies like commodore 64 chiptunes, I must be doing something wrong *g*

But I guess that's going to change with the first octave jumps...

Metallica Theremin Kittens, here I come!

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