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Let's Design and Build a (mostly) Digital Theremin!

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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THEREMIN - Simple Volume Control Schematic?

Started by DavidY in Theremin Construction

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Build Project: Dewster's D-Lev Digital Theremin

Started by pitts8rh in Theremin Construction

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Build an Analog Theremin that Rivals a Modern Day Classic for about $100

Started by oldtemecula in Theremin Construction

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Retrofitting old tube radio into Theremin: can it be done?

Started by Snowbanks in Theremin Construction

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Theremin advice

Started by insch in Theremin General

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Theremin grounded

Started by Jeff in The Working Thereminist

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Moog Ethervox for sale

Started by PhotoshopDave in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Controlling images with theremin (EW +)

Started by pegamin in Theremin Technique

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Selling a Moog EWSTD019 Etherwave Theremin Standard - Ash Cabinet Never used

Started by kmccoy in Buy / Sell / Trade

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(Yet another) Tube theremin project

Started by voretaq7 in Theremin Construction

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Need Theremin player for a party in Chicago

Started by nickdc1964 in Theremin Players Wanted

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Introduction to Theremin

Started by EmanatePresence in Theremin Newcomers

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battery powered amp/speaker for busking

Started by Zigg in The Working Thereminist

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THEREMIN - New Post on Whole Human Blog

Started by EmanatePresence in Theremin General

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YAEWSBM - Yet Another Etherwave Standard Bass Mod

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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Moog Etherwave Theremin Plus $500 USD + Shipping

Started by olsons74494 in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Theremin Star Completition

Started by Peter Theremin in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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Just got a theremin, and the hand gestures are driving me nuts!

Started by vespertine in Theremin Newcomers

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Searching for my first Theremin

Started by angelclaw in Theremin Newcomers

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Playing the theremin with headphones, a few questions

Started by nclm in Theremin General

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Is this how it should be tuned?

Started by bslotte in Theremin General

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Etherwave Volume Troubleshooting

Started by javelinatina in Thierry's Workbench

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One-handed theremin with two antennas on the same side

Started by nclm in Theremin General

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Theramin or Theramini?

Started by Sharron25 in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Theremini connections

Started by stratosfear67 in Buy / Sell / Trade

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basic experiments

Started by JPascal in Technical Theory

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L’exécution, Angelo Badalamenti

Started by nclm in Repertoire

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Not using a dedicated amp

Started by nclm in Theremin General

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Kentucky Route Zero

Started by nclm in Theremin Sightings

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