Hands Off - some photos

Posted: 7/31/2007 1:06:55 PM

From: Leicester, UK

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Hi all
Some photos of the Sunday Concert and after and self with (insert thereminist here) - sorry for all those...

There are sure to be better snaps from the serious cameras out there but these might give a quick impression and keep some memories green.

Feel free to snarf them and do with them as you will. click on a desired photo and click "See different sizes" link to choose your size to download

Posted: 7/31/2007 7:59:00 PM

Joined: 2/7/2006

nice, any recordings of this?
Posted: 7/31/2007 10:40:26 PM
Thomas Grillo

From: Jackson Mississippi

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Awesome! at least 5 E Pros, a T vox, and lord knows what else, all in one room! ...And the talent too! I whish I could have gone! I WILL next time!

Thanks for sharing these photos!
Posted: 8/1/2007 3:12:13 AM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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More symposiast photos here:


Yes, there are audio and video recordings. Be patient, we have a lot of data to process and we intend to do it properly...
Posted: 8/1/2007 4:33:36 AM

From: Wirral UK

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I have mixed feeling looking at these photos!
Very Happy ones to meet lots of like minded and
fun theremininists? And very sad that the fantastic weekend flew by so quickly.Great photo's.
Posted: 8/1/2007 2:22:10 PM

From: Liverpool

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Ive got a teary eye looking at those photos - such a great weekend, many fond memories of new friends and events, and hopefully the inspiration to actually get out there and do something with the damn thing!!
Posted: 8/1/2007 7:19:38 PM

From: Surrey, UK

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Aah, get over it, you two! It was kind of magical though...
Posted: 8/1/2007 8:30:39 PM

From: Perth, UK

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Please keep 'em coming - I just didn't get a chance to take any pictures, so the more that appear, the better.

I do have rather a lot of audio, though!
Posted: 8/2/2007 6:09:46 AM

From: Rochdale, UK

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I have finally put my photos from Hands Off 2007 up.

via my blog entry at http://www.myspace.com/ethermin

Posted: 8/2/2007 9:32:19 AM

From: UK,,, offshore Europe

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Nice work JD :)
Here's a few to be going on with.


All the best :)))

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