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Ear Training Resources Roundup

"Ear Training" is the concept of learning to recognize and identify specific pitches and relationships between pitches just by listening to them. As you can imagine, this skill is incredibly important to build when learning to play the theremin. With other instruments, such as the piano, each key corresponds to a specific note. You know that if the piano is in tune, then hitting the middle "C" key will always produce that tone. With the theremin, you have no physical reference point for any notes! So learning to recognize pitches and (perhaps more importantly) intervals is critical to successful melodic theremin playing.

To help you get started with ear training, we've put together a roundup of ear training resources on the Internet. Note, I have not tried all of these resources myself, so please let me know if you have feedback on any of them.

Ear Training Websites

These sites offer online tools for ear training. Many of them are completely free!

Ear Training Software

Other Resources

I'll add to this list as I find more resources. If you know of one or have feedback on any of the links above, please contact us. Happy practicing!