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Introduction to Effects

Reverb is simply the natural decay of sound in a room. The effect is that of hundreds of echos -- so many that they all run together. A touch of reverb gives the sound some ambience, a lot of it can sound muddy or ethereal, depending on the situation.

Echo, unlike reverb, is an effect wherein the individual echos are audible. For the example, I used a stereo echo wherein the left and right delay times are unequal. This causes a syncopated echo effect.

Chorus makes a single performer sound like a group that is playing together.

Flanging is similar to phasing (or chorus) -- the difference being that feedback is added to cause resonance. It is called flanging because in the old days engineers accomplished the effect by playing back the same thing on two tape recorders and putting their fingers on the capstan of one of the recorders to alternately speed it up and slow it down -- causing the phasing effect! Has anyone actually done flanging the old-fashioned way? :)

I accomplished all these examples by running my Etherwave Pro thru a Sony DPS-V55 Digital Effects Processor.

The effects here are some of the most common... I'll contribute some more uncommon effects later :)