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Happy Birthday Clara Rockmore!

Today would have been Clara Rockmore's 94th birthday. She left us in 1998, and we miss her dearly.

Many of us were introduced to Clara Rockmore by the 1991 documentary, Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey. In the film, we see brief clips of Clara's 18th birthday party where she interacts with a rotating birthday cake (controlled by the same principal as a theremin) made for her by Leon Theremin. We also see her performing at the memorial service of her sister, Nadia Risenberg.

Clara was a strong proponent of the use of the theremin for classical music. Her recording, "The Art of the Theremin" continues to astound and inspire a new generation of upcoming theremin players today.

Fortunately for theremin players everywhere, Clara also left behind a video interview, recorded in 1976 (available from Moog Music) and a theremin method book.

As you're practicing today, please take a moment to remember Clara and her mastery of the instrument we all love.

If anyone has a theremin rendition of "Happy Birthday" they'd like to share, please let me know.