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Rare recordings of Leon Theremin playing the theremin!

A big thanks to Charlie D for alerting the theremin community to this goldmine of theremin MP3s at (the Theremin Center in Moscow). The site includes songs from Clara Rockmore, Lydia Kavina, Pamelia Kurstin, Ol Rostov, Olga Milanich, Masemi Takeuchi, "thereminorchestra", and Leon Theremin himself!

I've played "Glissandi" by Jorge Campos with Lydia Kavina on stage at 3 different events now, but hearing Ol Rostov's version really opened my ears to the possibilities of this piece.

It goes without saying that the recordings of Leon Theremin are true gems. Both Grechaninov's 'Step' and Rachmaninov's 'Vocalise' are featured.

Great find, Charlie!

Link: (Babelfish translation to English here)