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flickr: Electromuse I

Theremin Trio at Electromuse I

I'm not sure if it's cool or a little creepy when you randomly find a photo of yourself from 8 years ago on flickr, but here it is! This shot was taken at Electromuse I, a night of electronic and experimental music produced by the Northwest Cyberartists in 1997. I'm the one in the middle, playing along with Lorie Merlino and Mike Firis. If I recall, we performed 3 or 4 songs that night, including Glissandi (in this shot), Sleepwalk, and Amazing Grace. I'm not sure what happened to the Cyberartists, so if any of you are reading this, drop me a line!

This photo was posted to flickr by Toby Paddock. Check out Toby's photostream for some extremely clever shots of various electronic devices.