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Clara Rockmore's signature will only cost you $1200

Autographed by Clara Rockmore

In a fit of random web surfing tonight, I came across - a site that sells objects autographed by famous people. They didn't have anything with Leon Theremin's signature, but they did have this program from November 8th, 1941 featuring baritone Paul Robeson and Clara Rockmore. Now, I'm no baritone historian, so I like to think it's Clara's signature that has pushed the price of this artifact up to $1199!

Here's another interesting one... Another $1200 will net you a postcard featuring the signatures of Jack Kilby (inventor of the microchip), William Higinbotham (inventor of the video game), some other folks (inventors of some other stuff), and Bob Moog (inventor of so many things we love).

Bob Moog Autograph