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NZ residents ask, "Would somebody please hit snooze on that Etherwave Pro?"

The Synth Birds of Dawn

This story begs the question: If a man plays a theremin in the morning and nobody is awake to hear it, does it make music?

Composer Nic McGowan gave the rooster a break this morning as he ushered in the day with a theremin concert at 6:30am in Island Bay near Wellington, New Zealand. The project known as "Synth Birds of Dawn" was actually ok'ed by the town council, but not all the local townsfolk bought into the idea. McGowan distributed more than 2400 fliers to notify the public of the show, but as you might expect, he got mixed reactions.

It's a fascinating idea. I especially like the idea of using the landscape as a huge natural echo effect.

Thanks Mark!