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Where's Jason?

I don't post "personal" style entries on the main page very often, but every now and then it just feels right. So here goes...

Where's Jason? Most of you who have known me for any length of time have figured out that I'm a fairly busy person. But the past 2-3 months have been probably the craziest time in my life. My work life has become extremely hectic, and I've been working ~16 hours a day for much of that time. Naturally, this has taken a toll the amount of time I have to spend on other things - my wonderful family and ThereminWorld being the only other things in my life :)

This April wil mark the 10th anniversary of ThereminWorld (if you count our early days as "The Theremin Home Page"), and I'm planning some big upgrades to the website to celebrate.

I'll be traveling for business a couple of times over the next month, and I'm looking forward to the long plane rides for time to catch up on e-mail, writing articles, and building the new website backend.

So, this is really just a long-winded heads up that it won't look like I'm doing much with ThereminWorld for the next month or so. I trust that the excellent conversations and strong sense of community our readers have built up will continue to thrive.

If you're interested in helping find interesting blog entries or doing general website housekeeping, drop me a note. It's not a paid position, unfortunately - think of it as a labor of love :)

Have fun, and I'll see you soon!