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Ether Music 2006 event cancelled

We're getting reports in the forums and our inbox that Ether Music 2006 has been cancelled. Apparently, not enough registrants signed up in time for the event to take place as planned. A 2007 event is in the works, however.

I'll post more details as I get them. The festival website is still online, though I imagine we'll see that disappear within a couple of days or so.

For those of you who were planning to attend, hopefully this won't sour you on attending future events. EM2k5 was pure magic, and I'm sure with critical mass, it can happen again.

Update: Jared confirmed for me today that the event has indeed been cancelled. I want to briefly add that I really appreciate all of Moog Music's efforts to try to put the event on this year despite all the challenges they faced. They are in fact starting to plan now for next year, which sounds even better to me! So kudos to Moog, sorry it didn't work out, and we'll see you all next year!