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Handmade Music gives an inside peek in Moog's workshop

I watched the Moog Music episode of "Handmade Music" on the DIY Channel tonight. It was pretty cool to see Mike, Steve, and the gang on TV! The show covered the manufacturing process for the Moog Voyager synth and Etherwave Pro theremin as well as a bit of history and background on each.

Some of the technical and musical terms might have flown over the heads of the casual viewer, but in general, I think the show did a great job of appealing to the masses. Maybe this will help get them some more exposure and will help spread World Thereminization!

If you found after viewing the show, then welcome! Stop by the forums to tell us who you are and ask any questions you might have, then enjoy the rest of the site! If you're looking for quick tips on buying a theremin or building a theremin kit, check out this article.