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Puppet Theremin?

Puppet Art Piece

From NY Arts Magazine
Donna Huanca, “The Philosophy of the World”

"" Taking as its premise “the future of music as played by puppets,” Huanca’s exhibition and accompanying performance, “The Philosophy of the World,” became an experiment in sound art based on the everyday sonic experience that was, literally, fleshed out by the likes of anti-musician “Dot” Wiggins of the Shaggs, electronic musician Leon Theremin as well as Huanca, the resident sound installation artist, herself. When the avant-garde sound performance played out by the puppets and their handmade instruments ended on opening night and the simulcast to Houston’s Lawndale Art Center was switched off, what remained after was a peculiar display of neon felt-attired, and Bolivian culture-inspired, figures representing Wiggins, Theremin and various warrior soldiers, all of which remained posed as if the not-so-musical audio still played on. ""

And just when I thought Team America had finally shown us all a puppet could do.