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Celebrating Herb Deutsch and Robert Moog June 29 2007, Huntington NY

Herb Deutsch

The Theremin brought them together.
""As it happened, “I had built a theremin in 1962 based on Bob Moog’s design,” Mr. Deutsch explained. They struck up a conversation, and Mr. Deutsch invited his new acquaintance to an avant-garde concert in Lower Manhattan...""

A little bit of the history that followed is covered in this NY Times article about the meeting and early days of Deutsch and Moog, it's promoting the latest installment in IMAC's "Long Island's Own Local Artist Series" featuring their music and instruments at the Inter-Media Art Center, June 29 2007, Huntington NY.

Making Musical History: Herb Deutsch and Robert Moog.
By Karen Lipson
NY Times June 17, 2007

There's also a good history of the early Moog Synthesizer at Sound on Sound "Dr Robert & His Modular Moogs, 1964-1981"

"Herb Deutsch: Celebrating the Music of the Moog Synthesizer” will be presented June 29 at 8 p.m. at the Inter-Media Art Center, 370 New York Avenue, Huntington.
Information: or (631) 549-2787.