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"Theremin" at The Village Theatre, NYC Fringe Festival

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The Blue Cake Theatre Company presents "Theremin" in the 2007 NYC Fringe Festival at The Village Theatre on Bleeker at Thompson.

Saturday 8/11 @ 4:30 pm, Sunday 8/12 @ 7:00 pm, Thursday 8/16 @ 2:30 pm, Thursday 8/23 @ 9:15 pm, Saturday 8/25 @ 6:45 pm

A fantasy inspired by the lives of Leon Theremin, Clara Rockmore and Brian Wilson as seen through the eyes of an unstable rock legend.
"Electricity will take the place of God. Let the peasant pray to electricity. He's going to feel the power of the central authorities more than that of heaven." -Vladimir Lenin 1914

Leon Theremin, "the Russian Edison", created the worlds first electronic musical instrument; a machine so far ahead of it's time that you didn't even have to touch it to play. Arriving on American soil Theremin became an overnight celebrity. Then, on the eve of achieving his greatest ambitions, he mysteriously disappeared.

And what really happened to Leon Theremin?
Theremin's story is one of the truly great stories of the last century and we are proud to share a small part of it with New York this summer.

Tickets can be bought online if more than 24 hours in advance at or 15 minutes before the show at the venue.
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Thanks to the company for bringing the news to the forums.