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Shadows Loom Again

Dark Shadows DVD Cover

MPI Home Video releases new remastered collection of Dark Shadows..

How many of us were totally obsessed with this show as kids, rushing home from school to catch it from the very beginning? It was not the same if a single spooky opening note with the theremin was missed. No wonder we ended up here.

MPI Home Video releases new remastered collection of Dark Shadows.

From Mark Zimmer's review at
Little did those who were watching ABC-TV in the afternoon of June 27, 1966 realize that they were seeing what would become a cultural phenomenon and an indelible part of the late 1960s: the Gothic suspense/romance soap opera Dark Shadows, which a year later, in danger of cancellation would shift to a horror theme that would strike an immediate chord and make household names of Jonathan Frid and others.
It's fascinating just how much of Robert Cobert's amazing score was present right from these very early episodes as well, from the theremin and synthesizer-based suspense themes to the lame pop played on the jukebox at the Blue Whale (and would be heard there for the next five years as well).