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Happy Birthday Lydia!

Lydia Kavina and TW founder Jason.
Lydia Kavina and TW founder Jason Barile.

Born today, Sept. 8th, Lydia Kavina has been both a driving and a preserving force for the theremin, it's music, history and culture for over three decades.

After early exposure to the instrument with it's inventor during her childhood, she continued to develop into a world class musician on all levels and has expanded the repertory for the theremin both through commissions and as a composer in her own right. Her teaching, instructional videos, concretizing, recordings and workshops have spread awareness of the instrument, and laid the foundation for many new thereminists and established it for subsequent generations. She's played more different models of theremin than any other player and has been a significant influence on theremin builders around the world.

Lydia's performance collaborations with other players and her incredible flexibility in playing styles has broadened the musical realms for serious theremin music as well as helped to support the careers of other thereminists.

close up of Lydia Kavina

Best wishes to Lydia for a joyous birthday and many, many more!

[Thanks to GordonC for the datebook reminder.]