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dorkbot-nyc Gets Lesson in Spooky MIDI Control

city tech haunted inn

Control systems designer, author, and overall sound engineering genius John Huntington
will speaking at dorkbot-nyc on Wednesday, October 3 at 7pm about the show control technology behind the high-tech haunted hotel:
the Gravesend Inn (see
Admission is free for his dorkbot presentation.

John Huntington: The Gravesend Inn--An Interactive Haunted Hotel
City Tech's Gravesend Inn is a high-tech, audience-driven haunted attraction. 2007 marks the show's eight annual edition. The show control system Medialon Manager gives control over the entire attraction to the audience, which (unknowingly) triggers the effects as they move through the maze. A variety of industrial sensors are currently used to sense the position and location of audience members, and an infrastructure has been created for more sophisticated sensing in the future. John, author of the just released third edition of the book Control Systems for Live Entertainment, will describe and demonstrate the show control systems he designed for this attraction.