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First public photos of Bob Moog's Archives 91 Model C Theremin Prototype
Series 91 Model C Theremin Prototype

Douglas Babb, Curator The Bob Moog Foundation
Has announced the first public photos of Bob's Archives are available on Flickr, and is making a call for finacial support for the archive effort.
You can see the photos here.

There is a misconception that success=wealth. Bob Moog was far from financially rich.

The Bob Moog Foundation is entirely funded by donations and grants.
The foundation is hard at work preserving the archives, but the amount of time, work and money is more than we can handle alone.
I'm donating my time and expertise. I've also made my own financial contribution.

Will you do the same?

Thank you for your interest & support,
Douglas Babb
Make a gift to support the efforts to preserve and share the archives.