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First Theremin Workshop Mexico

ErnestoT heremin Workshop Mex

ON SOUND presents the first Theremin Workshop in Mexico!
Ernesto Mendoza will be teaching.

Exciting news for world thereminization!
This is the very first event of it's kind in Mexico and will introduce new comers to the history, playing and music of the theremin. It is a very important step in establishing the instrument in Mexico. Ernesto's presentations at the Technological Museum (MUTEC) earlier in the year supported this process by allowing as much time as possible for audience questions. A full fledged workshop is the next natural step in his ongoing out reach to build audiences and new players for the theremin as well as an international community of thereminists in Mexico.
Theremins are difficult to get in Mexico and Ernesto has even had the event producer arrange to have some on sale during the event to help those who develop a deep interest to be able to pursue it further on their own.

His workshop will include in-depth information on the history, technology as well as it's use, how to play it, participant experimentation with a theremin and plenty of time for questions and discussions. He will close with a brief theremin concert to fully illustrate all the material covered.
Efforts like this and Hands Off in England are important for all of us, they help keep the Theremin alive and growing new enthusiasts like us.

At the Auditorio de Academia Yamaha, ubicado en Insurgentes Sur No. 1208, Colonia del Valle, México, D.F.
On Friday, the 16th of November at 15:00 hours to 20:00 hr
Requested Donation is 50.00 Pesos
Ernesto en studio
Ernesto Mendoza is currently the only professional player of the theremin in Mexico, He has presented concerts and conferences in such places as the National Center of the Arts (CNA), I Centre Cultural "Olympus" in Merida Yucatan, the Museum Technologico (MUTEC), Julián Carrillo's show (Radio UNAM). He has also been featured in radio and television programs and his music has been included in the internet radio show "Spellbound" hosted by David Vesel.

In his introduction for the workshop Ernesto writes:
"" The theremin has already existed almost a century on the musical scene and it continues to be known, sadly only for it's most stereotypical characteristics, by the majority of the people around world.
Nevertheless since its creation in 1917, there has existed a group of persons that have fought to give it credibility. And now a new age has arisen for the theremin as its devotees grow, more information becomes available and more people hear the music that it produces.
Not only is the method of execution unique to the theremin, also it's sound is particular as well and instruments come in many different shapes and sizes.
Yet it is a serious musical instrument in its own right.
In this workshop we will journey though the historical precedents as well as the diverse technological, artistic and technical aspects of the theremin. All with the goal of showing a facet of music that has been left unexplored in Mexico, and that we think that in a time, will take root and produce players of international quality
El theremin lleva ya casi un siglo de existencia en la escena musical y, a pesar de ser el instrumento que tiene las características mencionadas, sigue siendo casi desconocido por la mayoria de la gente alrededor del mundo.
Sin embargo desd