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Holiday Deals at Musician's Friend

If you're still looking for the perect gift for the thereminist in your life (or maybe yourself?), Musician's Friend has some new holiday promotions going you should know about.

Up first, they're running a graduated sale:

  • Orders Of $100-299.99 — You Save $10!
  • Orders Of $300-499.99 — You Save $35!
  • Orders Of $500-999.99 — You Save $65!
  • Orders Of $1,000 & up — You Save $150!
Additionally, they're offering 10% off on all scratch-and-dent items. They guarantee all the items, so if you don't mind a little cosmetic blemish here and there, it's a great way to save. Finally, all orders over $99 receive free shipping.

Click the banner below to get started. Happy shopping!

2 Ways 2 Save! Get $150 and 10% off Scratch n'Dent