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Get Really Wired Music for the Holidays


The Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra Comes to Princeton

December 15, 2007 David Sarnoff Library Auditorium 7:30 PM 201 Washington Rd Princeton NJ

Admission $10 per person at the door For information: 609-734-2636

It’s the time of year when the streets and houses glow and twinkle with festive lights. Everything’s wired and bright, including the Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra, the sonic ensemble that’s more plugged in than a city block.

Any self-respecting electronic chamber orchestra would be incomplete without the granddaddy of all electronic instruments: the theremin (the only instrument that’s played without being touched). Thereminist Kip Rosser will be on hand to weave the theremin’s haunting and beautiful voices into the mix.

During the second set of the evening, Moscovitz, Waltzer, Fox and Rosser will complete the ensemble. The fully formed Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra will perform a collaborative exploration of the vast territories of harmony, rhythm, melody and silence. Think Vangelis meets Sci-Fi with a dash of Brian Eno.