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Shostakovich First To Use Theremin In Film Score

Onda Cover

Naxos has released the first complete recording of Dmitry Shostakovich’s score for the early film Odna (Alone). Apparently released more than once (dates mentioned range from 1929 to 1931) it seems to be a silent film with a music soundtrack added later.

In his review for Music From the Movies, Randall Larson mentions:
"" Shostakovich accompanies ‘Snowstorm’ with a theremin (he was one of the first composers to write for this instrument, invented in 1919, and Odna featured the first use of a theremin in a film score), and its soprano wailing resonates ghostlike across the film’s snowscape. It is heard in just the one cue. ""

Not a lot of theremin perhaps, but an exciting mention of early theremin music in film.

There was also a review just of the film at the New York Times. [You may need to set up a free NYT account for that one]