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Challenge to our members - spread the word about EtherMusic 2008!

I'm reaching out to our amazing theremin community to ask you all a favor. Please help spread the word about EtherMusic 2008 so we can help ensure its success. Moog Music is working very hard to bring it together and has taken a lot of feedback since the 2005 festival. I look back at my own personal experience at EtherMusic 2005 as incredibly fun, inspiring, energizing, creative, and memorable. Given what I've seen from the plans so far, this year's festival will be even better.

Here are some ideas for spreading the word:

  • E-mail at least 5 of your friends to tell them about it.
  • Join and "like it"
  • Blog about it!
  • Submit it as a news tip to your favorite music blog
  • Rate it on!
  • Mention it on any electronic music-related e-mail lists, MySpace groups, FaceBook groups, Yahoo! groups, etc. you're a member of.

In short, by getting the word out quickly, we can leverage the power of the Theremin World Nation to get critical mass for what promises to be a fantastic event.

If you have other ideas, please reply with comments, and thanks!!