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Spellbound Hits a Terrific Third Anniversary

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With the February 17 episode, Spellbound, a brief program of music for theremin, celebrated three years in production. The first episode, February 13, 2005, was one of the launch programs for new Internet radio station Cygnus Radio, where it has aired weekly since then.

Program host David Vesel added podcast distribution in May of that year. Originally a one-hour program, Spellbound expanded to two hours with the January 8, 2006 episode. Approximately 145 episodes have been produced -- about 48 per year -- and 132 of these are preserved as podcasts.

Spellbound has had three theme songs during its production run. The original song, "Postlude Op. 47" by Eric Ross was used before podcast distribution began. The second theme song was "Tesla" by Dorit Chrysler, used for the remainder of the first season. Beginning with the 1st Anniversary episode on February 19, 2006, the theme song has been "Music for Theremin (Spellbound theme)", produced by UK electronica thereminist Kevin Sinnott. "I just found it in my e-mail box one day," says Vesel. "I didn't ask him to do it, but there it was, and it was gorgeous, so how could I not use it?"

The last technical change to the program was a boost of broadcasting quality from 64kbps to 96kbps beginning with the September 10, 2006 episode.

To date, over 100 thereminists have been featured on the program. The majority of those self-identify as thereminists, either professional or amateur, while the balance of artists on the playlist feature theremin performed by a guest musician or a band member whose primary instrument is something else. But Vesel points out that many of the so-called amateur performers on the program rival the skill of professionals and serve to broaden and deepen the appeal of this difficult instrument.

Many thanks to David for the great show and these notes on Spellbound's history.
Congratulations on the three year anniversary and best wishes for many more!

Spellbound, a brief program of music for theremin, airs on Sunday nights from 10 PM to Midnight Eastern US time on Cygnus Radio. For more information, visit the program's web site at or write program host David Vesel at