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Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra Zaps Princeton With Theremin

EMCO Princeton Dec. 2007
Photo: Electro-Music

Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Howard Moscovitz, and featuring thereminist Kip Rosser, will be returning to Princeton's Sarnoff Auditorium on Saturday, March 15th.

Kip and Howard will present works from their soon to be released CD, Exploration of the Black Exterior.

Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra astounded the Princeton audience at their last visit in December, and are sure to deliver a rich multi media feast for both eyes and hears featuring several artists and electronic musicians including Greg Waltzer (co-founder of EMCO), Fringe Element, a quartet of electro-musicians, Azimuth Visuals, and Hong Waltzer will be processing and mixing video in real time.

Besides the popular annual festival Electro-Music has become one of the major electronic performance ensembles and producers in the North East. In his blog, David Sarnoff has a great write up on the event, and a review of their last visit.

March 15, 2008
David Sarnoff Library Auditorium
7:30 PM
201 Washington Rd
Princeton, NJ

Admission $10 per Person
Paying Friends: $5.00

Thanks Kevin for the news lead.