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ThereminWorld Forums - Five Years of Aether Talk

First TW Forum Post

Perhaps May should be declared ThereminWorld Month.
The Theremin World Forums will be five years old on May 16th.

The site started out as Theremin Home Page in 1995, and was later redesigned and re-launched with its present design in 2000. Site Owner Jason Barile added new code and technology enhancements throughout 2000 to 2003 when forum discussions were finally added. The site has continued to run on the 2003 code base to this day.

The first forum post was by Jason at 12:11 AM 5/16/2003, and revealed his long tradition of late night TW work. Initially there was no membership provider for the site and all posts had an optional name and e-mail field. There have been over 16,000 posts in almost 3,000 topics since then. It now forms the largest Theremin Knowledge Base on the web.

User profiles were launched on 2/13/2005 and logins were optional at first. This is why the older forum entries sometimes show as "Guest". As membership, traffic, and visibility increased, member logins became required and also enabled TW members to get to know each other better. This also allowed self-editing of user entries and made the forums something of an AETHER-WIKI covering all aspects of theremin building and playing. The Construction and Aerial Fingering topics are still among most visited.

There are currently 1,833 registered users at ThereminWorld from all parts of the planet, and they form the biggest asset to the site and our community.

Every day concert postings, news items, obscure theremin sightings and questions of all sorts at all levels of experience appear in the TW forum and find generous answers and assistance from our users. It has become one of the most widely recommended and read sources of help and information in the Global Theremin Community. Perhaps even more important connections made here have lead to real world, face-to-face meetings of many TW members and has helped initiate long lasting friendships among the lovers of this touch-less instrument.

Many thanks to Jason for building and supporting this web site, and major kudos to the many members who've provided so much information over the years!