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What A Doll: Sarah Angliss and Clara 2.0

Senester Sara Doll
Poster: Senster and spacedog

Thereminst and sound artist Sarah Angliss has been perfecting her Theremin Playing Robot Doll Clara now at version 2.0.

Sarah's also known here at TW as part of the science inspired performing group Senster and is the artist known as spacedog (in honor of the first K9 cosmonaut). Her creation, Clara 2.0, has been getting a lot of stage time lately. An astounding and sometimes unnerving art piece, the Theremin Playing Robot Doll is expanding Sara's Theremin outreach as well as her performance pieces.

Sarah was also at the UK Hands Off event last year. There's a nice interview with Sara at Dolly Mix and a video and more pictures of Clara 2.0 on Sara's spacedog site.

It's wonderful to see Sara's creativity and the Theremin coming together in such a provocative and successful way. Can't wait to see what's next from her "laboratory of the unexpected".