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Super Mario Bros. on a Theremin

0006 plays Super Mario Bros. on an Etherwave Pro theremin

Randy George (a.k.a. 0006) has done it again! Just 2 days ago, he posted a video of himself playing Super Mario Bros. on his Etherwave Pro theremin. The blog-o-sphere is already abuzz with chatter about his latest video which is doing wonders for World Thereminization.

You might remember Randy from his previous high-profile videos (Don't Worry, Be Happy, Legend of Zelda, Crazy). Maybe you were lucky enough to catch him at Ethermusic 2008. Either way, he's doing a great job of tapping into pop culture in a way that gets the theremin in front of countless new potential devotees!

I think SMB sounds best on a theremin, of course, but to be fair to all the other instruments, here's a roundup of the song performed in other non-traditional ways:

Ok, we know you watched them all... which is your favorite?