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Lev's Birthday 8/15. Where'd We Be Without Him?

Lev Termen Standing With Upright Thermein

This Friday is Lev Termen's birthday.
Lev (Leon Theremin) was born August 15, 1896 in Russia.

Where would we be without him? Life would be very different for a lot of us and the world of modern music as well.

His invention the Theremin remains the simplest and most elegent music playing interface.
And though most were lost, his genius produced many other inventions that inspired modern synthesizers and set the stage for the electric age as well as the tone of modern day espionage.

It turns out that the electro-music Festival is featuring three thereminists this weekend, and Kip Rosser will be performing on the date. That's great aether timing.

Are you playing theremin this Friday?

Lev tells a little of his history in the excerpt from Olivia Mattis' article here on TW.

Happy Birthday Lev
We're Gald You Came Along!