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Student Film Helps Thereminize Canada!

Virtuoso Scene

The Air Canada enRoute Student Film Festival has a featured nominee that is a Theremin Documentary.

"Virtuoso" stars thereminists Kamila Nasr and George McDonald (well known around here for his wild Hot Rod Multi-Armed Harley-Like Theremin).

It's short and cannot cover much of the our rich history, but it hits key points about Lev Termen and the instrument, it is a stylish introduction to the Theremin. Of course it is great to hear of fresh aether activity up in Canada, and it's always encouraging to see the word spreading among young people and new players coming on board.

Congratulations to film makers Terry Stone and Thomas Pound, students at the Vancouver Film School, and many thanks for helping spread World Thereminization in Canada!

Many thanks to TW member GordonC for finding this one!!