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Fast Away and Here We Go: Happy Theremin New Year!


Happy New Year to all the ThereminWorld members! And best wishes to our Theremin Friends around the world, with hopes you join us here soon!

2008 was an interesting year, to say the least, and a pretty good one for all things Theremin.

We got a slew of new CDs from  Lydia,  Barbara,  Kip,  Kevin,  Carolyna, and  Eric.
Our Theremin History was enriched with  a rare recording and new research on Lucy Rosen and imporant efforts from the  Nadia Reisenberg & Clara Rockmore Foundation, and  Bob Moog Foundation,   we got updates from RCA Theremin owners.

We heard a full year of the most varied Theremin Music from David Vesel on  Spellbound.
We got new Compositions for Theremin from  Linda Kernohan, Elizabeth Brown and Fellow TW Member  Brian R and others.

World Thereminization spread further across the globe in:  Istanbul,  Japan,  Spain,  Lippstadt,  Mexico,  The UK,  some on-line videos,  several films, all over the US including  Washington,  Tennessee,  New York,  and North Carolina, and many more places!

Some Theremins came that were small and  new  and some went, but still made news, plus there was  help building your own ,  and tons of advice from our members!

Most of all, ThereminWorld hit new highs with our members  joining and  sharing in our forums!
That's some of what we remember...
Please add in your recollections and of course, all the best for 2009 and...
Keep On Thereminizing!