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Theremin Hero!

Theremin Hero on YouTube

Here's a whole new spin on the popular video game Guitar Hero! YouTube user conquerearth has posted a video in which he uses a theremin to perform the vocal part on The Portal Song. As the video shows, the game rates his performance in real time based on his pitch correctness and timing. He actually does a great job, scoring an "expert" level rating with 95% correctness. Way to go!

The best part is, this requires no special equipment beyond a theremin, XBox 360, a mic, and headphones. He just connects headphones to his theremin, then lays a microphone in the ear cup of the headphones. The game does the rest.

I haven't played Guitar Hero personally, but I have to think there are other songs in the game appropriate for thereminizedvocals. Anyone else care to take up the challenge?

Watch: "Theremin Hero" First ever attempt - The Portal song (Still Alive) on Theremin. (YouTube)