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David Strathairn To Play Theremin! "Beautiful Night" 1/23

David Strathairn
photo ben strothmann
As part of it's First Light series of commissioned plays about science and technology, Ensemble Studio Theater is presenting a new play about Leon Theremin (Lev Termen) staring David Strathairn as the Inventor.

"Beautiful Night" by Tommy Smith will be presented one time only on Friday, 1/23/2009, at 7:00 pm.

There is not much information available yet about this new play. The EST listing says
"" Set in depression-era New York City, Beautiful Night follows the state-side exploits of Leon Theremin, Soviet inventor and grandfather of electronic music. When Theremin marries a whipsmart black prima ballerina, their expatriate romance shocks society and attracts the looming shadows of foreign terror. Starring David Strathairn as Theremin. ""

This play is spreading the word for sure, plus thereminist and TW member Jen Hammaker is going to be performing! If any NYC members make please give us an update!