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Theremin: Early Guru of Electronic Music

OHM+ cover

The timeline of electronic music is illustrated with recordings and videos in OHM+ the early gurus of electronic music Special Edition 3CD + DVD from Ellipsis Arts.

Our beloved Theremin is recognized and given it's proud place at the dawn of electronic instruments. The New York Times called the set “a tidy history of a messy tradition”.

The very first track is Clara Rockmore playing Tchaikovsky's Valse Sentimentale! The three CDs are accompanied by a DVD of videos; a mix of interviews, performances, early video art pieces, electronic collaborations, and animations. Everything in the collection seems as inovative, and in some cases still astounding, as the day they were made.

Video DVD includes excerpts from:
Clara Rockmore's The World’s Greatest Theremin Virtuosa,
Paul Lansky’s Lesson With Leon Theremin (a video by George Lewis), and
Moog: A Documentary Film by Hans Fjellestad