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Saludos de Mexico, la Historia Verdadera de Theremin

Theremin Cartoon Mexico
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Jorge Alderete, Mexican illustrator and designer, was inspired by the Theremin and sent this cartoon to us. It tells the "true story" of Leon Theremin.

Leon Theremin
was born in Russia in 1896, but it was not until 1920 that he invented the instrument that was to bear his name The Theremin, the only one you play without touching...
  and which caused a sensation in New York at the end of the 20's, where he lead  a glamorous life thanks to his invention...
However, Professor Theremin was forced to carry out works of espionage for the KGB, who nonetheless confined him to continue his work in one of their Prison-Laboratories! Or that  is what everyone thought after his sudden disappearance in 1938. "This planet is not healthy if it can convert an artist into a spy and his instrument into a surveillance system... that is why we have come all this way to give an Ultimatum to Earth, and to ask you to come with us Professor."
    ...and that's how ever since then, Theremin composes the Soundtrack to Outer Space

Thanks Jorge, esperamos para mas!
Cannot wait till the next one!