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LA Film Festival - "Dear Lemon Lima" includes character who plays theremin


"From the other side of the coin (and the opposite end of the country, namely, the never used city of Fairbanks, Alaska), comes Dear Lemon Lima and as the movie's title so adroitly points out: if ever there was a movie that reserved its rightful spot next to the sweet and tartly candy at your local confectionary's, it would be this film. The plot is very simple. It concerns a girl who can't come to terms with the fact that her boyfriend has dumped her. She hasn't moved on. The girl in this case happens to be 13, her crush 14, and the endeared from the title, well, a "friend" that might fill Warren Schmidt's Ndugu with a dose of reality. Add a cast of supporting (and very supportive) ninth grade misfits--including one named Nothing who, aptly, plays the Theremin (!!)--set them on a competitive collision course of self-discovery worthy not just of an Ancient Greek odyssey, but also of a Revenge of the Nerds comparison, and you have a movie that's, ahem, as much about the heartbreaking cruelty of life as it is about the erratic beauty and wonder of it...."

Check out the film's website and watch the trailer here.