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Theremin Sleuthing To Hit Santa Fe

photo: PBS

Santa Fe New Mexican Local news in briefs, November 11, 2009

PBS 'History Detectives' plans visit

Investigators with the PBS television series History Detectives are looking into a Santa Fe man's suspicion that he owns one of the first electronic instruments known as theremins.

The show's host, Elyse Luray, and her crew plan to visit Santa Fe on Nov. 23 to share results of their probe into whether the man has one of fewer than six original theremins built by Leon Theremin, a news release said.

The only instrument played without touching, the theremin "makes eerie, ethereal music, the kind that creates uncertainty and suspense in movie sound tracks," the statement said.

The Santa Fe man bought his theremin through e-Bay, according to the release.

Robert Moog, creator of the electric synthesizer, was quoted as having called the theremin "a vital cornerstone of our contemporary music technology." -------------------------------------------------

This sure 'creates uncertainty and suspense' for us. If it's true and he's not a TW member yet, hope he joins and tells us about it!