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"do mobile phones dream of electric orchestras?"

photo: MoPhO

After seeing creative solo uses of the cell phone in electronic music making by Bora Yoon who shared Armen's NYC concert, TW's own DiggyDog, and thousands of private folks who've downloaded various iPhone music applictaions, it was only a matter of time before some formal ensembles should form around the mobile phone witting their own software for it.

The Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO) had a concert last week which got a write up in the New York Times. "Then the musicians began to swing their arms in wide circles, creating rising and falling waves of electronic sound…" - New York Times review of Dec. 3 concert with video.

The Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble, at the University of Michigan, has a concert tomorrow night. They are performing original works on existing and original software using every feature of the iPhone from the mic and touch screen to internals like GPS, wireless sensor, and accelerometer.