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Martians Go Home! uploaded to YouTube

It's an age old story, really. Girl plays theremin, audience turns on her, girl blasts audience with theremin then disappears in a puff of green smoke, boy plays theremin, Martians chase boy... you know.

Martians Go Home! is a gem of a film, and it's recently been uploaded in full 1080p HD to YouTube with English subtitles. The 2006 film is an adaptation of the novel by the same name, written by Fredric Brown in 1955. In the original novel, an author discovers a billion martians have invaded Earth. Instead of attempting to conquer the planet, however, they turn out to be pesky nuisances who find silly ways to annoy people.

In this version, a man accidentally draws Martians to Earth when he plays his theremin, hoping to find a way to meet the mysterious Sara Clockwork, a thereminist who disappeared one night after a theremin concert went bad.

True to the mid-century B-movie genre, this film has it all, including a soundtrack by thereminist Jairo Moreno. Enjoy!