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Donate A Theremin To This Inner City NYC Teacher

Teacher wants theremin

I love, the site that lets teachers make project proposals and you choose which ones you want to donate to.

While browsing recently, one project caught my eye. Mr. Dawalt, a teacher at "one of the least funded schools in America" has requested a theremin to help generate interest in science and education in his students. You can review his full project proposal here.

When I think about the way the theremin grabs people, the way it combines science and art, magnetism and miracles, and the way eyes young and old light up when they first see one, I can't help but agree this could do the trick to get students interested in learning.

Mr. Dawalt is requesting a single Moog Etherwave Standard theremin. I'm not sure if he realizes he'll also need an amp, a mic stand, and an audio cable (or if he already needs one). In these strange economic times, if you're in a position to help Mr. Dawalt, I encourage you to fund his request and be the spark that could ignite the next light bulb in some lucky student's mind.