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Help The Bob Moog Foundation Raise $50k To Teach Children About Sound

The Bob Moog Foundation has launched an Indie Go Go project to raise $50,000 USD, and they need your help!  The money will be used for a national launch (in the United States) of Bob Moog’s SoundSchool, a program that teaches children about the science of sound through the magic of music.


As of this posting, the campaign has raised over $4000 and has 80 days to go.  You can donate any amount, and various “perks” are available for different amounts. At the low-end, $10 gets you a Moog Foundation bumper sticker and some digital downloads.  At the higher end, $1000 will earn you “SoundSchool Toolmaker” status, will help support 100 children in the SoundSchool, and will get you an entry to win a Moog Voyager Select Series Synthesizer signed by various 2011 Moogfest artists + plus a Temporary Bob Moog Silhouette Tattoo, Digital Download (Including mp3 from Mooged Out 2, mp3 from campaign video by Torley and pdf of Bob's personal statement at age 17), Bob Moog Foundation Bumper Sticker, Mooged-Out 2 CD (Compilation CD with 14 killer tracks donated by Asheville musicians), Bob Moog Foundation T-shirt.

Be sure to check the campaign page for full details as the perks offers are not available in some states due to local laws. 

To make a personal appeal, I remember the first time I heard the song “Popcorn” played on Moog synthesizers.  I became obsessed with synthesizers and electronics.  Later, in college, when I learned about the theremin and Bob Moog’s part in its history, my fate was sealed.  When I look back on the past 30 years, Bob Moog’s legacy had a bigger impact on the course of my life than just about anything else.  I am incredibly excited about what the BMF is planning with this project, especially when I think about how it can have a similar impact on so many children! 

So, I hope you’ll consider joining me by reaching into your pockets this holiday season to support BMF’s ambitious goal.